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1 Mar 10

The Sustainable MBA, Giselle Weybrecht (John Wiley & Sons, £16.99)

Giselle Weybrecht was inspired to write this book out of frustration at the failure of traditional business education to incorporate sustainability, or to treat it as anything more than an afterthought or optional extra.

As she rightly stresses, sustainability has a relevance to all aspects of business and should not merely be the concern of environmental experts and pressure groups.

The Sustainable MBA is structured rather like an actual MBA course, so that it covers topics such as economics, finance, strategy, ethics and of course, accounting. Weybrecht emphasises the important role of accountants as “scorekeepers” not just for financial reporting but across a range of measures and performance indicators.

This is a book that can be read straight through or used as a resource to consult on specific topics. Either way, it’s a practical aid to managers and professionals at all levels.

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