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July 2010

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Targeting the banks

A new bank levy,and strict financial regulations,show the new Chancellor is not just talking tough when it comes to the banks. But does he have the resolve to follow his policies through?

Exports are key

Economist Dougie Adams says the latest analysis of Scotland’s fortunes highlights the need to improve export performance, or face slipping back still further against the UK average

It's a small world

CAs travel well – a fact that should help to shape the future of the Institute, argues Alan Thomson

Office Auntie - We made a big mistake

Office Auntie tackles the dilemma of an ill-judged promotion to manager

Where do we go from here?

At a special round-table event, CA Magazine and The Journal bring together leading figures in law and accountancy, to discuss seismic changes in the legal marketplace

In the hot seat

Deloitte's David Cruickshank talks to Robert Outram about client care

King calls the tune

Kenny Kemp examines the evolving role of one of the country's most powerful men - Bank of England Govenor Mervyn King

Cheque's in the post (honest!)

Getting paid on time can be a major headache, but there are solutions, as Tim Power reports

Moving tales

Increasingly, personal banking will not be about branches or even the ubiquitous ‘hole in the wall’, but about mobile communications

Consumer watchdog calls for root and branch reform in banking

A report by Which demands wholesale change, to protect consumers from bearing the cost of future bailouts

Prune a rising tax problem

The 2010 rating revaluation could mean your commercial property is over-rated and over-taxed, but, as Bob Mowat advises, it helps to know how the appeal process can work for you