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October 2009

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One step at a time

The Copenhagen climate change summit takes place from 7 December, with environment ministers and officials gathering to try and agree on a successor to the Kyoto protocol of 1997. As the politicians debate international action against climate change, what steps can businesses take to reduce their own carbon footprints? Richard Goslan has 10 suggestions

Cross town traffic

Whether they’re ‘light’ or ‘dark’ green, ethical investment funds aren’t always the most reliable performers. Now they’re about to step up a gear

Interview: Ralph Campbell

Employee-owned fund manager Martin Currie may call itself a ‘big boutique’, but for finance director Ralph Campbell it also represents a big opportunity to learn and grow

The good news and the bad

Bankers and advisers alike say that a business looking for funding in the present conditions really needs to get up close and personal with its banks. So what kind of information are banks looking for now, and how should you prepare for a loan application?

Banking on good causes

Social enterprises, charities and other not-for-profit entities have special banking needs. Andrew Beach reports on some of the finance providers that specialise in this sector

Tax saves lives

Any accountant worth their chartered status knows that the distinction between tax avoidance and tax evasion can be fuzzy. Tax avoidance may be legal, but, asks Una Bartley, when it deprives the world’s poorest countries of billions of US dollars, is it ethical?

Conference calls

Anthony Harrington looks at how Scotland’s conferencing venues are working to ensure they continue to make their mark in the world’s league tables

Every cloud has a silver lining

The hype about ‘cloud computing’ is growing but, despite the benefits it can provide, it should be treated with caution