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October 2009

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On trek for a wild time

There was no Roadrunner, but a team of Wylie Coyotes from BDO Stoy Hayward had to use their guile when they took part in the recent WolfTrek hike across Scotland's Highlands

A ropey challenge

PricewaterhouseCoopers staff ditched their desks and their suits to take part in a six-hour abseiling challenge, which raised £25,000 to help fight malaria

Are you Internet-working?

With Facebook playing a key role in Nomura tracking down and hiring graduate trainees let go by Lehman Brothers, the importance of social networking sites for professional use is on the up and up

High risk in the market down to hormones?

If only women had been in charge, would we have avoided the global banking crisis?

Tolley's towering text

Time to clear out some shelf space and flex your muscles – the Tolley’s tax bible is coming, and it’ll take some heavy lifting

Letters: Help needed for those living outside the EU

In the July edition of CA Magazine, I noted the chronology on pensions on pages 20 and 21. Nowhere does it feature the greatest inequity of all, which affects more retirees than any other single factor