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July 2009

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Strategy for survival

The struggle to fund defined benefit schemes while balancing commercial needs in the current economic climate is becoming an increasingly risky burden for employers

Push to the finish line

2012 isn’t just when the Olympics comes to London. It’s also when employers will be required to auto-enrol employees in a pension scheme and make compulsory contributions

Whittle while you work

The time may be here for employers to look closely at their employee benefits strategy as part of their efforts to tackle the effects on their businesses of the economic downturn

Access all areas

What will marketing in the accountancy sector look like in 2019? CA Magazine and PracticeWEB invited a group of marketing specialists to see how technology is changing business development for professional firms

Local heroes

Despite the downturn, the Highlands and Islands has a knack of overcoming adversity, writes Richard Goslan

Lighting up the arts

How do you celebrate a centenary while singing about the values of traditional CAs? Sponsor a musical, of course. That’s what Henderson Loggie, the firm chaired by George Hay did

Make it better

Pouring public funds into banks has stablised the financial system – but the economy is not out of the woods yet by any means, says Robert Outram

Road to revolution

Banks looking to ensure their long-term success need to embrace not only cost cutting, but also a more radical change in culture

A challenging regime for time-strapped banks

Liquidity remains the top challenge for financial institutions despite compliance deadline being pushed back
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