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May 2010

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Interview: Alan Thomson

ICAS President Alan Thomson gives his thoughts on engaging more members around the world, looking beyond the recession and the importance of good governance

Law Review: Supermarket sweep

Robert Outram talks to a number of senior figures from corporate law firms about the divisive issue of ABS – alternative business structures

Corporate finance: To list or not to list

Stock market listings slumped in the darkest days of the financial crisis, but, advises Marianne Lipp, for some businesses the IPO option is back

Round table: Valuable lessons

The panel discusses the impact of the financial crisis on Scotland and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the next six to 12 months

A new sense of direction

A Masters in Business Administration is a serious undertaking, but one with huge career-boosting potential. Anthony Harrington reports on what’s involved, and the benefits it offers for both students and employers
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