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May 2010

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Parties put forward their policies

The 2010 UK general election campaign has seen a fierce debate over tax and spending plans. While the three main UK-wide parties have all made some pledges on taxation, none has ruled out a future hike in VAT to cut the public sector’s deficit. There have been few details on the areas where the spending cuts might fall

CAs looking to get re-elected

Two CAs are hoping to retain their Westminster seats at the 2010 UK General Election

Close vote means lawyers accept ‘Tesco law’ reforms

Scotland’s lawyers have voted not to oppose reforms aimed at increasing competition in the legal services market

Tough measures deal with corruption

ICAS has offered to help the Government draft guidance for UK businesses on how to comply with the 2010 Bribery Act

IFAC’s Education Standards Board adopts new strategy

Clearer standards in accountancy education and guidance on their implementation are the aim of the International Accounting Education Standards Board (IAESB), which has issued its strategy and work Plan for 2010-12

Financial instruments

The UK’s Accounting Standards Board has condemned the proposed reforms of the international financial reporting standard on financial instruments

Supporting the next generation

Aberdeen-headquartered accountancy firm Johnston Carmichael’s commitment to developing and nurturing young talent has been further reinforced – with two students set to join the firm on placement this summer as part of its well-established bursary scheme

Scottish hotels sector in 'fragile' state

Scotland’s hotel sector is facing a difficult period of trading, with occupancy levels lagging behind the rest of the UK, according to research by PKF

Surrey accountant disciplined by ICAS

Mervyn Eric Smith, the principal in the firm of Mervyn E Smith & Co in Sutton, Surrey, has been severely reprimanded and ordered to pay a penalty of £7,000 and costs totalling £53,000 by the discipline tribunal of ICAS

Cider duty hike and phone line levy are dropped from Finance Bill

The planned 10 per cent duty rise on cider and the 50p broadband levy are among the measures in the Finance Bill that were dropped, as Parliament struggled to clear its decks ahead of the general election
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